There are 3 important forces

1. Love
2. Wisdom
3. Sexual Energy

One of the big Questions of life is change.
Religious people admit that they are not flawless.
Evolution admits that humans have potential to be better.

Key question to all is, how to change from something low into something higher.
Is it posibile for a human to be without sin?
Is it posibile to love 100%?
Is it posibile to become a flawless human beeing like in the times of Adam&Eve ?
Only flawless and pure souls enter paradise, yet they already have paradise within.
Utopia is only doable with a higher evolution of human.

satanist illuminati holy people
love No No Yes
wisdom Yes Yes Yes
sexual Yes No Yes


- this little table shows you which group of humans has these 3 forces in the right place.
- Wisdom without love, is no wisdom at all. The heart is the base of a good mind and vice versa.
- And without the fire from the sexual energy, all would be imbalanced.
- There is white Tantra and Black Tantra and much inbetween.
- An orgasim is not the aim of white Tantra, in white tantra, the orgasim is replaced by something more - beautifull.
- Of course all Yes and No are somewhere between 0-100%, except the holy ones, the masters, the prophets and true flawless humans. they love with 100% of their heart.

to achive a flawless soul, there is a key with 3 factors:

- factor 1. Psychological Death ( pray to allah to help you to understand and disolve your many egos )
- factor 2. Birth or Kamasutra ( the greates sin is fornication )
- factor 3. Sacrafice, service

** fornication does not mean, sex is forbidden
sex is allowed, but there are laws to protect you. One of them is NOT to have an orgasim, 2nd one is to transform the energy and not to supress it. But one can only work with the sexual fire, if he knows how to work on the root sin, which is fornification.

holy books

holy quran
(3) And go not nigh to fornication; surely it is an indecency and an evil way.
cAl-Isra - sure 25 - verse 68

Matthew 23 - 25 Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye make clean the outside of the cup and of the platter, but within they are full of extortion and excess.

my thoughts

it is very simple, if you fornicate, you are one of these scribes, pharisees, hypocrites jesus so well talked about.
i hereby confirm to the extend i have expirianced, that this is 100% true.
so dear brothers and sisters, i know it is hard, you cant escape pain with pleasure, in hell, pleasure will be removed and there will be no psychological death anymore only suffering and waiting for your 2nd death if allah wills it.
Below is a link to a website, where you can get a free book. In this book you cam find part 1 of the key. It is a unique way of how to disolve the egos. And dont forget, walking the path is different, then just talking the path.

recomendation it inspiried me

The author of this book laid a high value on walking the path.

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